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    Hiring and Managing the Mobile and Virtual Employee

    Date: March 20, 2012, 11:30am – 1:30pm
    Sponsor: Post & Courier
    Lunch Meeting, Embassy Suites, International Blvd.
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    Presenter: Charles Purdy, Senior Editor of


    “Acquiring and Retaining Top Generation Y Talent”

    Learn how to find, attract, and retain the best younger candidates.

    A new generation of young workers is bringing unique skills and talents—as well as new challenges—to the workplace. They have a new set of expectations about work, life, and how the two should be combined. But their energy, tech savvy, and enthusiasm can—if it’s tapped and channeled correctly—be an in invaluable asset to any organization. In this workshop, Monster’s Charles Purdy will correct some common misconceptions about Gen Y workers; he’ll also discuss these workers’ strengths and weakness, what they’re looking for in employers, and the best ways to motivate, mentor, and manage them.

    In this session, you will learn:

    • Why this generation’s perceived “drawbacks” can work to an employer’s benefits.

    • How to find and engage with the brightest twenty-something candidates.

    • How to create work environments that will attract younger workers.

    • How to acclimate young people who think of themselves as “born leaders” to entry-level roles.

    • Ways to encourage company loyalty among younger workers.

    • Which motivation tactics work, and which don’t, when it comes to younger worker.

    • How to foster a happy, healthy multi-generational workplace.