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    The Onboarding Experience: Taking it to the Next Level

    Date: February 17, 2015, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
    Embassy Suites, N. Charleston Convention Center
    Registration begins at 5:30PM.

    Registration Closed. Please check out future meetings!
    $20 Members $ 25 Non-Members (One meeting only)
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    The Onboarding Experience: Taking things to the next level.

    You are starting a new job. You can’t sleep because the butterflies in your stomach keep fluttering at incredible speeds but you set your alarm anyway three hours early just to make sure this day is perfect. You put on your new outfit you have carefully chosen for this special day and you even cook yourself a super healthy breakfast!

    You are ready to conquer this first day at work...nothing can stop you now. Then you show up only to be thrown into a  dark, cold room with a stack of blank forms to fill out. You are left alone all day and you now have a pit in your stomach as the “new kid in town.”   Ever been here? We all have.

    It’s time to make a shift my friends. We have all been in the shoes both as a new hire and as an HR professionals.

    A.  What does it mean to be an “Employer of Choice?”

    • What does being and Employer of Choice have to do with on-boarding?

    B.  How to create an on-boarding “New Hire Experience.”

    • The magic two weeks before the new hire arrives
    • Leadership and hiring manager engagement
    • How to treat the new hire’s first day like a first date!
    • How to create a new hire orientation that isn’t dreadful
    • How to create a week long engagement that sets you up for success

    C. The fun doesn’t end after the first week!

    • It’s a family affair!
    • Thirty day check-in’s
    • Talent attraction? Says who?


    Speaker: Lee - Anne Scalley

    Lee-Anne Scalley is a Recruiting Evangelist owning the technical market in the Silicon Harbor! She is the CEO of OneinaMil, LLC and focuses on hiring technical talent for the Charleston market. She was one of the early team members at SPARC, LLC and led their recruiting efforts to hire over 200 people in less than 3.5. years! She helped bring SPARC to winning  the "Best Places to Work,"awards as well as, "Inc 500 13th Fastest Growing Company in the U.S." She is a start-up junkie with a passion for recruiting only the best of the best.

    She is a thought leader with a background specializing in building software development teams from the ground up. In doing so, spends most of her days working with start -ups to help them improve their candidate experience from interviewing to on-boarding. She is a subject matter expert on hiring and is passionate about changing the on-boarding process one company at a time! She is also the final contestant on the Top Recruiter reality series that will be airing in the Fall of 2015! Watch out for this fearless leader.

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