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    Whistleblower & Retaliation - What's HR to Do?

    Date: June 21, 2016, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
    College of Charleston North Campus
    3800 Paramount Drive
    North Charleston, SC 29405

    Registration & Dinner buffet begins at 6:00PM with meeting presentation to begin at 6:30PM.
    $20 Members $25 Non Members (One Meeting Only)
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    Whistleblower & Retaliation - What's HR to Do?

    Today’s workplaces create an environment ripe for unacceptable behavior. It can be even more complicated with the special challenges that arise for HR professionals when employees do as they should, and report wrongdoing, becoming Whistleblowers.

    An outgrowth of the rise in whistleblowing (more than 44% during the last five years ) is the concurrent increase in retaliation against Whistleblowers. When anyone retaliates against a Whistleblower it adds a new violation of law|policy and an additional dimension to the workplace disturbance, cutting into productivity, engagement, and mission attainment.

    How can HR leaders positively impact this situation?

    What innovative strategies and tactics can HR deploy, so the organization can hear the

    important voice of those witnessing wrong-doing and yet not be handicapped by the

    paralyzing effects of retaliation?

    This engaging presentation will explore the options and choices an informed and forward-thinking HR leader can make to support a high performing, compliant organization.

    From the presentation, participants will develop:

    • A general overview of the relevant laws and current trends in whistleblowing and retaliation;

    • Awareness of the warning signs of potential retaliation;

    • Clarity on the most challenging and highest cost retaliation situations;

    • An operational framework to assess their organization’s current state; and

    • Ideas to create a more communicative and respectful workplace that will lower the need for whistleblowing, smooth the pathway for legitimate whistleblowing, and reduce the occurrence of retaliation.

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    Speaker: John W. Zinsser

    Presenter Bio:

    John W. Zinsser’s achievements launch from his belief that increasing the quality and quantity of human communication empowers individuals and advances organizations so both can innovate, perform, and succeed. Twenty-five years ago he co-founded Pacifica Human Communications, LLC, which specializes in conflict management, organizational effectiveness and intercultural communication. Local, national and international clients have relied on Pacifica to design and execute leading-edge facilitations and change interventions.

    John helps clients to identify clear, measurable objectives and take needed actions. He has also mediated issues between managers and employees to beneficial conclusions. Through speaking, writing and lecturing, he raises awareness and understanding of how to make our work places collaborative and inclusive environments that support individual engagement and enduring organizational agility.

    Meeting is approved for HRCI & SHRM Recertitication credits.



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