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Our Mission

    Palmetto SHRM serves human resource professionals of all kinds and in all industries. Our mission is to:

    • Seek to promote and advance the understanding and application of every phase of the broad concept of human resource management,
    • Endeavor to improve and establish proven ideals and standards of ethical conduct among members in the field of human resources,
    • Initiate and/or proactively participate in varied porgrams that our membership approves as being consistent with the objectives of PSHRM's sponsorship and/or assistance,
    • Provide a social atmosphere for the meeting of people interested in or working in the field of human resource management,
    • Provide a ready network of human resource professionals, of all specialties, for the purposes of advice, consultation, and ideas, which will raise the quality of human resource practices across the tri-county area,
    • Actively promote the reputation of the human resource profession within the local business community, and to
    • Acitvely promote the advancement of diversity in our membership, in the human resource profession, and within the local business community; and assist our members and their employers in meeting the challenges of a diverse workplace by fostering an awareness and appreciation of diversity.