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     PSHRM Student Liaison

    The Student Liaison duties include the following:

    • Promoting communications between students and PSHRM to ensure a cooperative working relationship
    • Promoting human resources as an exciting and rewarding profession
    • Assisting in bridging the gap between practitioners and students

    If you are a human resource professional and can offer an internship to a student, or have questions regarding students interested in internship opportunities, please contact Susan Butler at .

    Likewise, if you are a student interested in the field of human resource management, please contact Susan Butler at

    A message from the Board

    PSHRM is proud to offer its College Connection program to all area colleges and universities. The College Connection program supplies volunteer speakers from our membership free of charge for human resource-related classes and events. We maintain a ready list of volunteers and topics such as recruiting issues, termination, employee handbooks, and more. Please e-mail any of our board members for more information.

    We invite you to take an active role in supporting our students who may be interested in a career in human resources. Please feel free to contact Susan Butler with any questions you may have regarding student support.